Updated on 28th Jun 2022

UE5 Status Information

Information here has been updated on: 28.06.2022

So. Unreal Engine 5 Support. When does it come you ask? Well, that's the problem.

First of, unlike some people think for some reason, I have been actively working on getting VRGK running on Unreal Engine 5, but it proves week after week again that it's simply not possible. Unreal Engine 5.0 is broken in a lot of ways and a lot of functionality, specifically related to Physics, are either not working, cause insane performance issues or are just really buggy and unreliable.
UE 5.1 also does not seem to get more stable, more like in reverse, more unstable. I downloaded the ue5-main source build and tried testing there. Not only are important issues from 5.0 not fixed yet, they got even worse.

Also, because other VR Packs on the Marketplace have been updated to UE5 already, there seems to be a big misunderstanding with VRGKs UE5 Support. VRGK is at the moment the only fully physics based VR Kit on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Other VR Packs aren't as Physics heavy, which is why they were able to already update to UE5. You have to understand this first.

The situation with UE5 is outside of my control.

No matter how much I work on it, VRGK won't be getting closer to a UE5 release unless Epic Games fixes important issues sooner than later.
I started sending in some bug reports to epic, but they haven't been answered yet (if they even get answered, it's been 2+ weeks).


Here is a list of problems, which are very easy to replicate and that VRGK depends on. All of those problems were not there with PhysX in Unreal Engine 4.25 to 4.27. Chaos however has many issues. I also have some videos and other information on Twitter about it: https://twitter.com/i/events/1524353222479126529

  • CCD (Continuous Collision Detection) looks unreliable and/or not working at all.
    Trying to climb a ladder with a crowbar? Not possible anymore, it falls through.
    Video: https://twitter.com/divivor/status/1541704436313210880

  • The "Disable Collisions" functionality of Physics Constraints does NOT reactive collisions between the components after it has been broken.
    On Static Meshes, you can call a "Wake Rigid Body" and it does the trick, on Skeletal Meshes it doesn't work and keeps being disabled. In other words, if you try to grab an object with the VR Hands, the hand looses the collision to the grabbed object permanently. You can't touch it anymore, you can't push it anymore, you can't do anything with it anymore.
    Video: https://twitter.com/divivor/status/1541702506568359937

  • Using "Set Constraint Mode" function on a rotation locked Primitive Component, causes massive Performance Issues on the Tick Group "TG_EndPhysics".
    This has been used to rotate the Player in V2 and will be used even more in V3 for the Custom Gravity Directions. Without the "Set Constraint Mode" function you are not able to rotate/move a constrain locked object, without being affected by the actual physics simulation.
    It never had any problems in UE4. Now you can just cause a permanent (it doesn't stop) massive FPS drop with it in seconds!
    Video: https://twitter.com/divivor/status/1541703205918228480

  • All of the Set/Add Local/World Location/Rotation functions do NOT work when a physics simulated object is colliding with anything.
    It just straight up doesn't move. And to make it worse, when it does move in air, the Set/Add Rotation functions also move the objects location for some reason now. Never happened in UE4.
    In VRGK this is being used to update the Physical Player Body with your Real Life movement. So it's pretty important I would say!
    Video: https://twitter.com/divivor/status/1541704081906999296

  • Physics Constrained Objects seem to ignore parent velocity now, if the parent does not simulate Physics.
    Or in other words, snappy Physical Hands are not possible in UE5 anymore? Or more like, not without workarounds. See: https://twitter.com/divivor/status/1517115715626676225
    Video: https://twitter.com/divivor/status/1541702150476144640

Most of those are obvious, like, REALLY REALLY OBVIOUS problems. I really don't know what's going on with the UE5 Development that such important functionality is not working anymore how it is supposed to. There are of course more problems, but these are some that I am able to fully replicate/understand. Physics Sleep way too fast, way too often. Objects jump around for no reason. Physics Objects don't wake up sometimes and you can't interact with them. The list goes on and other developers that work with Physics in UE have similar and other issues. Go into the forums, twitter, Unreal Slackers Discord. You will find a lot of talk about issues with the new Chaos Physics System.


If these issues are not getting fixed, we have a problem. More like, the entire future of VRGK is dependent on Chaos working correctly now. I can't find useful workarounds that aren't degrading the projects quality for every problem!
All I can do at the moment, is to reduce friction from porting a VRGK 4.27 project to UE 5.X versions, in hopes that some UE 5.X Version will fix the problems and you can use VRGK in it without problems.

On top of that, there comes an additional problem with the Marketplace and my ability to provide you with Updates.
It seems like it is only possible to update Asset Packs on the Marketplace for the last 3 major engine releases. We are now at 5.0, which means that I can still update for 4.27 and 4.26. After 5.1 releases, I can only update for 4.27 and 5.0.
After the release of UE 5.2, I am not allowed to provide you with a 4.27 release anymore on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The Plan for VRGK Version 3.0

As mentioned in the last UE5 Status Update early April 2022( see https://assets.divivor.eu/home/state-of-ue5 ), I will continue to develop VRGK Version 3.0 on Unreal Engine 4.27.
However, due to the fact that there seems to be no usable UE5 Version soon AND the Marketplace Update Limitiation, I will reduce the scope of the 3.0 Update in order to release it before October 2022. (not guaranteed yet)

After that, development will most likely stop for a while. The plan is to provide you now with a usable V3.0 Version that can be easily upgraded to a UE5 compatible V3.1 Version, whenever there is a stable UE5 Version available.
I do plan to make the entire development process of a VRGK project easier with V3.0, which also includes a new, fuller and reworked documentation.

I do not know when I have new infos about UE5 Support yet. Like last time, it could be months. It's not easy at all and really frustrating to be honest.