Updated on 27th Jun 2022

Quick Start Guide ๐Ÿš€

This Quick Start Guide explains all the basics of this Asset! Please read this Guide before using the VRGK! For more advanced Information, please look into the other Pages of the Documentation.

โฌ… Please use the navigation menu on the left to go through documentation pages! Contact me through Discord if you are missing any Information in any Pages of this Documentation! Otherwise I can't improve it!

If you are new to VR Development with the Unreal Engine, then make sure to check out the official Documentation before continuing:
Official Unreal Engine Documentation about Virtual Reality Development


Simply download the VRGK from the Epic Games Launcher and launch the Project. It is recommended to use Unreal Engine Version 4.25, since this is also the Version used for developing the VRGK.

After launching the Project, it can take a while until all the Shaders have been compiled. VRGK is using Forward Shading by default, which instantly increases the inital shader compile time.

The Museum Map

VRGK includes a full Demo Level to explore and play around with. You can find it under Content > VRGK > Demo > Maps > Museum.

VR Game Mode Base

Instead of creating new Game Modes, try to create Child Blueprints based on the BP_VRGameModeBase. This Game Mode has been made for use with VRGK.
You can find it under Content > VRGK > Blueprints > Core

VR Base Pawn and Game Pawn

All VR related player pawns are based on the BP_VRBasePawn, which is based on a "Character" Class.

For actual Game Usage the BP_VRGamePawn exists, which is also based on the BP_VRBasePawn. If you want to do a customized VR Player Pawn, it is recommended to create a Child Blueprint of the BP_VRGamePawn. It already includes the necessary functionality for Physics Hands, Rotation and Teleporation.

The Physics Pawn

The Physics Pawn is a fully physics-based Player Pawn for you to move around with. Everything on it is physically based and can be pushed or moved around by other Physics Objects. It can also be used for Physical Climbing or advanced Techniques like Sliding with a Crowbar (included in the Demo). Movement is being achieved by a rotating Sphere at the Bottom of the Pawn.

In addition to the normal Physics Pawn, which will be affected by every interaction or movement that the hands do, there is also the V1C version. The V1C version will only allow Climbing Movements on objects with a "climb" tag.

It is recommended to have a good understanding of the Unreal Engine, Blueprints and Physics before modifying this Pawn. You are always welcome to join the Discord Community for help!

Physical VR Hands

The Physical VR Hands are the most important part of the VRGK and allow you and your players to interact with any Object easily. They can Pull, Grab and Push Objects around with a simple Finger Solver and even Finger Collisions.

Pulling and Grabbing

Grabbing has been made very easy to use. Simply add a Component or Actor Tag to any Primitive Component (Static Meshes) you would like to interact with. The Hands will do the rest and automatically attach to the Objects with a Physics Constraint.

By default the VR Hands use the Gravity Pull Method. This allows you to Pull an Object to you by doing a simple flick of the wrist. You can change to the Methods "LinePull", "InstantPull" and "NoPull" by changing the "Grab Pull Type" Variable on the BP_VRHands. To allow an Object to be pulled, you have to add either a Component Tag or an Actor Tag to a Physics Simulated Primitive Component (Static Meshes).

The name of the Grab Tag is: "grab"
The name of the Pull Tag is: "pull"

Hand Interaction

You can interact with any Object that has a BPC_HandInteraction Component and a "grab" Tag included. It allows both Hands to pull Triggers and do a Button Press, which in total gives you 2 different Interactions per Hands. Using the BPC_HandAttacher_Right and BPC_HandAttacher_Left you can even control the Position and Rotation of the Hand on EVERY Actor with an Interaction Component. The BPC_HandAttacher also gives you visual feedback on what exactly you are editing.

It is recommended to look at the existing Tools from the Demo to understand how to use the Hand Interaction System correctly.