Updated on 1st Dec 2021

Full Body IK Avatar

A highly requested Feature that is now finally available in Version 2.0: The Full Body IK Avatar!

It is based on the default UE4 Mannequin Skeleton and will work with any other compatible Mesh.

How to use a custom Avatar Mesh

In order to use the Full Body Avatar without any problems, you will first need to modify your original Skeletal Mesh!
To be exact, you will have to either remove or use a different material for the Head of it. Inside VR you don't want to be able to see the head and unwanted body parts.

After you have done that, you will simply need to import your modified Mesh and update the references on the Skeletal Mesh Components inside the VR Pawns.

Spectator Mesh

A separate owner-no-see Skeletal Mesh Component is also available, which copies the Pose of the IK Avatar. This can be used to see your full body (with head) in a spectator camera or mirror.


  • Avatar Type
    • Disabled: No Avatar is shown or used
    • NoArms: Avatar is shown, but does not use Arms and keeps the default VR Hand Meshes visible.
    • FullBody: Enables the Full Body Avatar and hides the VR Hand meshes.
  • Avatar Anim Instance Class
    • The AnimBP class that is being used by the pawn.
  • Avatar Invisible Material
    • This Material is being placed on Head (and Arms) if the Avatar is enabled. It is used to hide body parts for the Player Camera.
  • Enable Avatar Height Update
    • Scales the Skeletal Mesh to the player height. (Experimental)
  • Enable Avatar Mesh Transform Update
    • Rotates the Skeletal Mesh with the Player.