Updated on 4th Feb 2022

Player Pawns

Included in the VRGK are multiple Pawn Blueprints that are used in different ways. All of them are based on a Character Class, starting with the BP_VRBasePawn.

VR Base Pawn

This is the base for all VR Player Pawns of the VRGK and is based on a default Character Class. This allows any game related Player Pawns to use the Character Movement of the Unreal Engine, while also sharing functionality with all of the Child Pawns.

VR Game Pawn

The VR Game Pawn is used for any Player Pawns that should be actively used for a Game. It already includes the Physics Hands, Rotation Teleport and Input/Controller Events.
Use the Game Pawn as a base for new Player Pawns!

The Physics Hands use a Physics Constraint to connect to the Player. To change the Linear and Angular Strength you have to change the following Variables inside the a Blueprint that is a Child of the BP_VRGamePawn:

You can also change the Teleportation and Rotation Type with these Variables:

VR Physics Pawn

The Physics Pawn is a completely physics based Game Pawn. It allows you to physically climb, push against surfaces and even slide down Objects. It has some similarities to the Hexabody Controller from the VR Game "Boneworks".

Climbing Stabilization

The Physics Pawn has some additional Settings that help with stabilizing Climbing. Since this Pawn is fully based on Physics, it can happen that the Camera is unwantedly moved around and this then creates a disconnect to the Hands. It can also cause heavy motion sickness for Players.

VR Trace Pawn


The Trace Pawn is based on Linetraces (Capsuletraces) to move around. It allows the Player to move around the world without generating Physics issues with collided Objects, since there is no Collision on the Pawn. It also enables the player to look over a ledge without falling, until a Controller action for Locomotion has been triggered. The Goal of the Trace Pawn is to be used in games with less physical movement and reduced Motion Sickness.

VR Character Pawn


The Character Pawn is based on the default Unreal Engine Character Movement System. It works similar to how a traditional Third or First Person Character works.