Updated on 4th Feb 2022

About Updates

There will be Price Increases with Major Releases and are also being listed on the Public Roadmap. You will NOT be charged extra for any Updates and you will continue to receive every Update for free once you purchased the VRGK. By purchasing Version 1 of the VRGK, you will get access to any Future Updates that will be released.

Version 1 includes the basic systems and functionality to get a game idea started with a VR Physics Pawn, but it does not include most of the Features planned yet. The Public Roadmap is my way of sharing the current progress with you and what features to expect now and in the Future. The goal of the VRGK is to become a complete game focused package that can reduce most of the initial friction for VR Development.

Here is a breakdown of how Updates will work with VRGK and when to expect them.

๐Ÿž Micro Updates ( 0.0.X )

These Micro Updates will be prepared and uploaded within 1 Week, after finding serious issues that need to be fixed. An issue with VRGK can be considered as serious, if it will prevent people from using it.

๐Ÿงน Minor Updates ( 0.X.0 )

These Updates can take from a Week to a Month. They will include mostly Quality and Usability Updates. In some cases they may even contain smaller new features or content.

๐Ÿš€ Major Updates ( X.0.0 )

These Updates will take multiple Months before Release! Major Releases will include lots of new Content and new Features, while also trying to improve every existing part of the VRGK. Please take a look at the Roadmap to see the current Status! It's important to know that Major Updates will introduce a Price Increase of the VRGK! Existing Users will always get the Updates for Free, directly from the Marketplace.