Updated on 30th Mar 2022

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 (March 30, 2022)

In Short: Snappy Hand Physics, Improved Avatar Arms and lots of other smaller improvements.


  • Added "TriggerVR" Collision Channel and preset. Use this for getting the Overlaps of VR Pawns.
  • Physics Pawn: Added alternative Jumping Method. You can now switch between Physics based crouch jumping and a normal game like Impulse jump.


  • Physics Pawn Hands "lag" caused by physics itself, has been finally minimized/removed. They are now as fast as you expect them to be.
  • Full Body VR Avatar Arms have been reworked and improved. They include twisting of the wrist now and calculate the elbow position.
  • HandGrabCollisionUpdater: Added Event Dispatchers OnAnyGrab and OnAnyRelease
  • Updated Subtitle System.

Bug Fixes

  • FIX: TryRelease functions for hands on the HandInteraction and HandGrabCollisionUpdater are now functioning correctly with multiple hands attached.
  • FIX: Pause Post Process effect now works in Unreal Engine 4.27. (Apparently you can't use Post Process components in the Game Mode anymore.)