Updated on 4th Feb 2022

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 (November 30, 2021)


  • VRGK now uses Forward Shading by Default, together with new and optimized Project Settings.
  • Phyics Pawn has been completely revamped. Improved nearly every part of it and made physics a lot more stable.
  • Added a Full Body IK Avatar based on the default UE Mannequin Skeleton.
  • Added new Museum Demo Map to showcases all of the VRGK Features better.
  • Added Physics Pawn V1C, that can only climb with hands on object that have a "climb" tag.
  • Added Valve Index Support.
  • Added new Spectator System and Mouse and Keyboard Controlled Manual Spectator Camera
  • Example Content: Added new Physical Inputs. (Buttons, Levers, Joysticks, Knobs, Sliders)
  • Example Content: Added Bow and Arrow.
  • Example Content: Added Complex Gun.
  • Example Content: Added Stabbing Tools.
  • Example Content: Added Destructible Actors.
  • Example Content: Added Ladders, Lockers, Drawers.
  • Example Content: Added Time Gun and Physics Switcher.
  • Example Content: Added new Elevator.
  • Example Content: Added Hover Vehicle.
  • Example Content: Added Stairs.
  • Example Content: Added Slides.
  • Game Pawns: Added Smooth Turn.
  • Game Pawns: Added option to select Movement Source. (HMD, Left Controller, Right Controller)
  • Game Pawns: Added Seated Play Mode.
  • Audio: Added Wind Moving sounds for high velocity on Pawn.


  • Added World Scaling Option to Menu.
  • Physics Pawn: Added Minimum and Maximum Height
  • Physics Pawn: Added a new smoother Jumping method
  • Physics Pawn: Reworked crouching mechanic.
  • Physics Pawn: Improved literally all of the Physics.
  • Physics Pawn: Improved Climbing Stability.
  • Game Pawn: Removed Hand Constraint values, uses Child Actors of Hands instead now.
  • VR Pawns: Using the VRNotification Component now instead of manual checks if the HMD is worn.
  • VR Hands: A "Prepare Hands" functionality has been added to construction scripts, to automatically generate the flipped components for the Left Hand.
  • VR Hands: Improved Finger Poser and added Caching.
  • VR Hands: Added Pose Snapshoter for use with Full Body Avatar Hands.
  • Hand Interaction: Added OnGrab and OnRelease.
  • Hand Interaction: Hand Attacher Transforms are now cached.
  • Hand Interaction: Option to unlock rotation has been added. (Useful for 2-Handed Objects)
  • Hand Grab Collision Updater: It now also keeps track of the current collision status, which is useful to reduce unwanted movement on the physics pawn.
  • Inventory: Separated Inventory Slots from Pawns into their own Actors.
  • Lots of other smaller changes that are probably not included in this list.

Bug Fixes

  • FIX: "Super Jumps" / "Physics Explosions" due to unstable FPS have been reduced/removed.
  • FIX: Slippery Surfaces are now possible with the Physics Pawn. (Not really a fix, just not me understanding back then that Physical Materials only work with Simple and not Complex Collision.)
  • FIX: Noclipping the physics pawn through the menu is not possible anymore.