Updated on 14th Mar 2021

Light Settings

All Light Painter Blueprints use the same Base Class and share most of their Settings! The only difference will be how the Shape of the Light is controlled.


  • Intensity
    • Controls the Strength of the Light.
  • Light Color
    • Controls the Color of the Light. This Value will be ignored when using Global Illumination.
  • Normal Influence
    • Controls the Strength of the Backside Lighting of objects. (Using this adds additional Cost to the Pixel Shader)
  • Falloff
    • Controls the Falloff Strength of the Light Fading.
  • Center Size
    • Controls the Size of the Center Area of the Light. The Center Area is not affected by the Falloff Value.
  • Blend Mode
    • Controls the Blend Mode of the Light. See the "Blend Mode" Page of this documentation for more information.


  • Draw Distance
    • Controls the Draw Distance of the Light and the Max Draw Distance of the Light Mesh. (Using this adds additional Cost to the Vertex Shader)
  • Fade Distance
    • Controls the Fade Length of the Draw Distance inside the Material.
  • Additional Overlap Distance
    • Controls the additional Distance in Size that the Overlap Components should have. This will make the SLP decide if your Camera is inside or outside of a Light and changes Meshes/Materials.


  • Debug Visualization
    • Enabling this will show you the Collision Components of the Light, which can make it easier to place and edit the Lights.
  • Force Inside Materials
    • Enabling this will force the Light Painter to use the Inside Light Material and Mesh. This can be useful for editing the SLP Blueprints, but should not be enabled in the final product. Inside Materials have the Depth Test disabled and will always render without any culling.

Global Illumination

Please look at the "Global Illumination" Page of this documentation for more information!

  • Enable Global Illumination
    • Enabling this will activate localized GI for this Light Painter
  • GI Max Brightness (Added in Version 1.1)
    • Using this value limits the strength of the captured environment color. Example: If you have a very bright object in your scene, you can limit its impact in the GI Color now.
  • GI Locations
    • The Light Painter can capture the Environment at multiple Locations. Use this to offset the Capture Location or add additional ones for more detail.
  • GI Update Time
    • Controls the Delay between Capture Updates in Seconds. Each Update will try to capture a Scene Cube for each GI Location. Short delays are not recommended in most cases.
  • GI Transition Time
    • Controls the Fade Duration of the Light Color during GI Updates.
  • GI Culled Update Time
    • Controls the Delay between Updates while the Light is not being rendered on the scene. This value should be higher than the "GI Update Time"!