Updated on 30th Oct 2022

End of Sales on some Assets

The following Asset Packs will be removed from Sale on 31 August 2022.

  • Advanced Asteroid System V2
  • Simple Orbit Manager
  • Simple Mesh Fractals
  • First Person Puzzle Template

Why will these Asset Packs get removed?

Simply said, they require more work keeping them up to date than they give back. There aren't many users and sales of these products and it's very niche.

Will I keep these Asset Packs after they have been removed from Sale?

Yes, all Products you purchase on the official Unreal Engine Marketplace are staying in your Vault and can be redownloaded at any time.
If Epic Games decides to remove that functionality in the future, then they are gone and there is nothing I can do.

Will the Asset Packs get Updates after they have been removed?

No, they won't. That is also why they are being removed from Sale.

Will these Asset Packs get updated to Unreal Engine 5.0 before they are removed?

I can't guarantee or promise the update at the moment, but I am still trying to get them work in UE5 before August.

Will I still be able to get support for these Asset Packs?

You are still able to ask for support and help with the product on Discord. However, this only covers the existing functionality within the Asset Pack you have. I will not send you any updated files to any of the Asset Packs outside of the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Can I get a refund on the Asset Packs?

Refunds are subject to the Unreal Engine Marketplace Guidelines and are given within 14 days of purchase: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/marketplace-guidelines#43

Will the Asset Packs ever come back?

That I do not know yet. In the case that they will come back at a later point in time, they will receive an update on the existing Product if possible. In other words, if you own the Asset, you will receive the newer version at no additional cost. Please keep in mind that this is not guaranteed however.